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viome coop


VIOME S.A. was founded in 1982 as a subsidiary of the Philkeram-Jhnston S.A. group. Located on the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, the plant manufactures chemicals for the industrial sector. Due to the general economic recession and poor administration, the parent company went bankrupt in 2011, leaving the VIOME factory to its ow

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Since 2005, the P2P Foundation has been researching, cataloging and advocating for the potential of P2P and Commons-based approaches to societal and consciousness change. The P2P Foundation (officially, The Foundation for P2P Alternatives) is a non-profit organization and global network dedicated to advocacy and

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Jeanne van Heeswijk

The Rotterdam-based artist Jeanne Van Heeswijk's work engages with the setting up of 'collaborative production' between people involved in processes of urban development. Through methods that focus on 'acting together' she attempts to establish opportunities for people to form and establish interest groups, small communities in

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HERE COME THE CIVICMAKERS Platoniq applies agile design thinking to facilitate a deeper and more democratic engagement with cultural Heritage and co-design digital tools and methodologies for civic participation in education, economics and social innovation. CULTURAL AND SOCIAL INNOVATION Platoniq is a team of social innovat

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27ème Région

A LABORATORY FOR TRANSFORMING PUBLIC POLICIES La 27e Région inspires and invents the services, administrations and public action methods of tomorrow. It is a laboratory for public transformation, constituted as an independent association, which offers a multidisciplinary, reflective and experimental space to build desirable futures for

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Rotor DC

Rotor is a a cooperative that organises the reuse of construction materials. We dismantle, process and trade salvaged building components.

Rotor DC is a cooperative company which is entirely owned by its employees. We are based in Brussels, and we attempt to be as generous with this city as it is with us. We seek to collaborate with contractors, non-

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In a context of increasing scarcity of primary resources and the necessary finiteness of urban space, we can no longer build with the practices of the 20th century. At a time when we are reinventing our professions, we consider the project as a movement co-constructed by multiple partnerships, debates and pioneering work sites, which makes the issues of the place and its e

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