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from Feed from C4R at Fri Mar 05 2021

NetHood (networks over the neighbourhood) is about bridging the digital with the physical space; sharing ideas and experiences; affirming differences; claiming our right to the hybrid city; co-creating local solutions for local needs.

NetHood is a research unit based in Zurich, Switzerland, founded in January 2015 as a nonprofit organi

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from Feed from C4R at Thu Dec 10 2020

We organize workshops of digital self-defense and hacker pedagogy, convivial informatics for girls, boys, children, affinity groups, geeks and for all those who are curious.

«Les métamorphoses de Circe disent que la connaissance est à l’image de l’affect»

Samir Boumediene,

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from Feed from C4R at Thu Dec 10 2020
Hacker Pedagogy

C.I.R.C.E. develops an educative model to criticize what we call “Technologies of Domination”. Our approach is based on experiential learning to reflect on relationships with digital tools, especially the mass digital tools that people use as “natural” part of life.

Hacker Pedagogy: experiential work

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