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from Feed from C4R at Thu Jul 29 2021
Art for Universal Basic Income

Comment les artistes peuvent-ils s'organiser contre l'inégalité croissante amplifiée par les conditions pandémiques à l'échelle mondiale ? Art for Universal Basic Income - une campagne initiée par des artistes - fait converger les énergies avec les mouvements du monde entier qui remettent en cause les modes d'exploitati

from Feed from C4R at Fri Mar 05 2021

Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons envisions better ways of living together through practicing art and the commons. Through co-exploration and study with collective art projects as well as organizational experiments, our projects grow from critical questions and radical imagination – forming community and together generating art and knowledge as common

from Feed from C4R at Fri Mar 05 2021

Remix the commons is an open and intercultural collective for sharing, co-creating and remixing documents and projects and initiatives of commoning.

You are welcome to visit Remix the Commons website to find out more!

Tools for acting, thinking, learning and organising by commoning

Remix the c

from Feed from C4R at Thu Dec 10 2020

We organize workshops of digital self-defense and hacker pedagogy, convivial informatics for girls, boys, children, affinity groups, geeks and for all those who are curious.

«Les métamorphoses de Circe disent que la connaissance est à l’image de l’affect»

Samir Boumediene,

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from Feed from C4R at Thu Dec 10 2020
Hacker Pedagogy

C.I.R.C.E. develops an educative model to criticize what we call “Technologies of Domination”. Our approach is based on experiential learning to reflect on relationships with digital tools, especially the mass digital tools that people use as “natural” part of life.

Hacker Pedagogy: experiential work

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